Dr Michael Ioannidis is the founder of My Choice Chiropractic.

He graduated from RMIT University in 2003 with a degree in Human Movement Science. He later went on to complete his double degree in Chiropractic graduating in 2009. Upon graduating he has helped many people achieve greater health through Chiropractic care. His passion for Chiropractic started when he was inspired by a presentation from world renowned Chiropractor Dr John Demartini. Dr Demartini synchronised the art, science, and philosophy of Chiropractic so well that Dr Ioannidis felt his destiny was to be a chiropractor. It was here where he was inspired by the Chiropractic philosophy thus wanting to understand the principles that governed physiology and the power of the nervous system.

Dr Ioannidis believes in a natural approach to health care and believes that self empowerment is the key to health empowerment. Being an enthusiastic chiropractic advocate Dr Ioannidis believes chiropractic is unique and that getting your nervous system checked and receiving regular chiropractic adjustments are one of the keys to having greater health potential. For many years Dr Ioannidis has lived an active healthy lifestyle. He has been involved with many soccer teams and represented RMIT internationally in China in 2003. He has represented the state of Victoria many times in soccer and has won numerous awards as the best player in his competition. He also has a love for martial arts and was Australian champion and senior second dan instructor by the age of 11.

At My Choice Chiropractic we believe that your health is very important to us. We are dedicated to the ongoing wellness of our clients. We aim to help you achieve your best by introducing you to the benefits of Chiropractic and Clinical Massage Therapy. Our practice is family based and our goal is to help you achieve yours. The techniques we use are designed to provide effective care with the least amount of force required.

We look forward to helping you achieve greater health.

Dr Michael Ioannidis